Kitchen Canopy and Exhaust Fans Cleaning in Melbourne

Deluxe Maintenance Services also have a variety of other services that we provide for your cleaning and maintenance. Like:

Kitchen Canopies Cleaning Services

Exhaust Fans and Ductwork Cleaning Service

Restaurant Kitchen Cleaning

Our many years of experience have helped up to become one of the most trusted maintenance services in Melbourne. These services are taken care of by our dedicated staff who work tirelessly to ensure you can have peace of mind.

commercial electrical contractors

Commercial Electrical Contractors in Melbourne

At Deluxe Maintenance services, we want to take care of all your commercial, domestic and residential electrical services. Find out more today about how we can help you figure out your electric troubles.

Whether it is:

● Maintenance of your switchboards

● Installing any device or lights

● Upgrades on your grid

Electrical Powerpoint Lighting Services & VSD’s

Our Services
Restaurant Kitchen Cleaning

Kitchen Canopy & Filters Cleaning

We provide a deep cleaning of the Canopy Exhaust System to keep any kitchen under control and functional for a safe working place for all.

Kitchen Exhaust Fan Installation

Exhaust Fan & Duct Work Cleaning

We provide routine exhaust fan and duct cleaning services scheduled around your commercial kitchen’s requirements.

Restaurant Kitchen Cleaning

Commercial Kitchen Canopy Installation

We supply kitchen canopy and install professional stoves, ovens, washers, exhaust fans ducts, canopies and filters.

Kitchen Exhaust Fan

Commercial Kitchen Canopy Clean

We provide complete kitchen services in Melbourne. Total kitchen cleaning from canopies and filters to ducts and fans to equipment and floors.

Electrical Contractors Melbourne

Electrical Lighting & Powerpoint Installation

We service, replace and maintain all electrical equipment, electrical powerpoint, exhaust fans & ducting of any size electrical commercial contractors Projects.

Worried About Kitchen Dirt, Electrical Lighting, CCTV Surveillance, or Kitchen Canopy and Exhaust Fan installation?

Kitchen Canopy Dirt Cleaning

Deluxe Maintenance Services specialises in commercial kitchen canopy dirt cleaning to ensure your kitchen is 100% clean. Kitchen canopies have dirt, grime, grease accumulated due to continuous use, and it can pose a potential safety hazard. We use the latest green chemicals, equipment and highly specialised trained staff to give your kitchen the ultimate deep-cleaning needed periodically. We work as per your schedules to cause the least disruption to your business operations.

When it comes to kitchen canopy dirt cleaning, it requires meticulously cleaning hard-to-reach surfaces and removing some of the toughest grime and grease. Our skilled and experienced staff have been trained to provide the deepest commercial kitchen canopy dirt cleaning to ensure it remains safe and regulation compliant. In addition, they are proficient in removing burnt-out carbon from the canopy, cleaning the grease filter, and take special care to ensure that harmful microbes are eliminated effectively.


Electrical Lighting Installation

For a restaurant, cafe, hotel, or bar, creating the right ambiance is crucial to attracting customers and eventual business success. Lighting is a critical element in highlighting the lovely décor of any space or premises. Various electrical lighting installations will help you achieve the ambiance you wish for your space. However, choosing energy-efficient upgrades like LED lighting will help bring down your energy consumption, helping you save more without compromising on lighting quality.

At Deluxe Maintenace Services, we have a team of licensed and certified electrical contractors who can guide you to achieve the right ambiance and lighting with a suitable electrical lighting installation that will not put undue load on your power supply system and help reduce your utility costs. Apart from our excellent track record, our company is known for its competent electrical lighting installation services and quality. Our senior contractors govern every on-site job. They pay attention to the minor details and ensure nothing is wrong with your establishment’s lighting and PowerPoint fixtures.


CCTV Surveillance Installation

At Deluxe Maintenance Services, we offer customised CCTV surveillance installation to achieve complete visibility and monitoring capabilities for your business. Modern CCTV cameras and systems provide multiple angle movement, convenient viewing options, and flexibility. We have an expert team to provide tailor-made CCTV surveillance installation and help you protect your business with smart technology.

CCTV surveillance integrated with access control and monitoring systems will keep the unauthorised entry in check. As a business owner, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that your premises are under a watchful eye. The visible presence of CCTV will also deter potential intruders and any problem makers.

Our team of experienced electricians is well-adept at CCTV surveillance installation, and we’ll work with you to ensure no blind spots are present. We make your business safety our priority and leave no stone unturned to provide the best of services.


Kitchen Canopy Installation

Any commercial restaurant kitchen is a hub of fumes, smoke, gases, steam, multiple odors, and grease. The extraction system is instrumental in removing all deterrents effectively and efficiently. It includes the canopy or hood, the extraction fan (can be rooftop-mounted), the duct system, and the grease filtration system. Having a high-performing extraction system is an essential aspect of maintaining safety within the kitchen and complying with restaurant kitchen regulations. At Deluxe Maintenance Services, we offer exceptional kitchen canopy installations services at great prices.

If you are a restaurant owner or manager looking to upgrade or replace the extraction system, then Deluxe Maintenance Services is your go-to commercial kitchen canopy installation company in Melbourne. We have a team of abundantly skilled and trained electrical contractors with expertise in commercial kitchen canopy installation to maximise the extraction system efficiency. Beyond canopy installations, we undertake all kinds of commercial business electrical work and provide professional quality services with on-time delivery.


Exhaust Fan Installation

Running a restaurant with a commercial kitchen entails working in an environment of smoke, grease, fumes, and strong odors. Therefore, having a high-functional commercial kitchen exhaust fan must ensure that the workplace is safe and comply with food safety rules and regulations. At Deluxe Maintenance Services, we specialise in exhaust fan installation. We have a team of highly-trained and experienced electrical contractors to provide excellent, reliable, and risk-free commercial kitchen exhaust fan installation services at competitively low prices.

If you are having a faulty exhaust fan and thinking of replacing it, then you’ll need a licensed, insured electrical contractor to ensure your kitchen exhaust fan installation is done perfectly.

At Deluxe Maintenance Services, we have highly skilled and trained electrical contractors to do a top job of commercial kitchen exhaust fan installation. Our contractors are also competent to undertake full-fledged commercial and industrial electrical work.



Variable Speed Drives (VSDs) are being utilised to optimise the functioning of the fans at lower speeds that will help reduce the energy consumption without compromising on the task at hand. VSDs can be incorporated into existing ventilation and extraction systems to start saving money and the planet without waiting for incorporating them when you go in for complete canopy and exhaust fans replacement.

At Deluxe Maintenace Services, our top-grade electrical contracting services for commercial kitchens include installing variable speed drives (VSDs), which are an environmentally conscious choice, as well as a good business decision. As the VSDs run at lower speeds achieving similar capacities of extraction volumes, you get to save on energy consumption and reduce the carbon footprint of your business. Our electrical contractors are skilled, experienced and licensed to provide high-quality professional variable speed drives (VSDs) installations at affordable prices. In addition, they will suitably guide you towards other upgrades to make your business consume less energy and make it environmentally friendly.


Electrical Contractors

In the state of Victoria, it is mandated by law to have valid tradesperson qualifications to be an electrical contractor and do electrical work without supervision. At Deluxe Maintenance Services, we take working with electrical systems seriously and only have experienced and certified tradespeople. We’re glad to share that our electrical contractors fulfill the following criteria:

Should have Certificate III in Electrotechnology Electrician

A minimum of 12 months of apprenticeship

Fully licensed and certified in accordance with Victorian law

Are covered by our public liability insurance under our registered company

We have a competent and highly trained electrical contractor team who has years of abundant work experience, skills, and deep knowledge to work with electrical systems safely.


Powerpoint Installation

Running too many appliances without a reliable power source can affect their functioning and cause power failure. Powerpoint installations minimise the risk of circuit breaks and power outages. However, if you run a commercial establishment such as malls, bars or restaurants, then you may need a disrupt free power supply at high voltage.

At Deluxe Maintenance Services, we handle the powerpoint installation process regardless of the building size and location. Overloaded power points and circuits may put more stress on electrical outlets, which can be dangerous for the people working in and around your commercial property. Our team are eager to work on challenging Powerpoint installation projects and ensures a smooth finishing every time our clients hire our services. Our specialty lies in our team’s ability to identify common electrical problems, fix them right then, and provide a suitable solution.

If you would like to replace your power points or want to get rid of the faulty wiring in your building, you know who to call. We offer on-site consultation services and guarantee satisfactory results with minimal fuss.

Our services have:

● Flexible time options for when cleaning/fixing can take place

● Detailed notes and reports of the problematic areas in the area

● Custom Contract system

At Deluxe Maintenance services, we want to take care of all your commercial, domestic and residential electrical services. Find out more today about how we can help you figure out your electric troubles.

Whether it is:

● Maintenance of your switchboards

● Installing any device or lights

● Upgrades on your grid

To set up an appointment or clarify any queries you might have, please call us on 0411 444 682.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, our electrical contractors are highly qualified and licensed. The license gives them the authority to work while the certifications recognise their levels of experience.
When you hire a licensed contractor, you can be sure that the project is done systematically and well planned out. Additionally, when it comes to work, licensed contractors will comply with city and government regulations and permits. Also, a licensed contractor will give you insurance, and you can be assured that your contractor will take responsibility.
Deluxe Maintenance Services offers solutions for Commercial Kitchen Cleaning, Exhaust Fans replacements and Electrical Installations for establishments across Melbourne. With our skills and flexible working hours, we are willing to work around client’s requirements.
At Deluxe Maintenance Services, we work around your opening and closing hours to minimise any downtime in your infrastructure. Our work timing is flexible to ensure that your service is not disrupted, and our customer service is available to talk to you at any time.