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Modern technology and electronic equipment have led to an increase in the demand for electrical supplies. But sometimes running too many appliances without a reliable power source can affect their functioning and cause power failure.

Power point installation minimises the risk of circuit breaks and power outages. If you run a commercial establishment such as malls, bars or restaurants, then you may need a disrupt free power supply at high voltage.

From power points to lightning, we at Deluxe Maintenance Services handle the installation process regardless of the building size and location.

Power Point Installation Melbourne

Overloaded power points and circuits may put more stress on electrical outlets which can be in turn dangerous for the people working in and around your commercial property. Our team is eager to work on challenging power point installation projects and ensures a smooth finishing every time our clients hire our services. Our speciality lies in our team’s ability to identify common electrical problems and fix them right then and providing a suitable solution.

If you would like to replace your power points or want to get rid of the faulty wiring in your building, you know who to call. We offer on-site consultation services and guarantee satisfactory results with minimal fuss.

We strive to deliver customised electrical solutions that fit the long list of requirements given to us by our clients. Our electrical contractors are fully insured and certified, using the latest tools and technology, we aim to provide the highest quality services all across Melbourne.

Why Choose Our Lighting Installation Services?

No doubt, lighting is an essential part of the overall ambiance of any space. If you own a hotel or restaurant, you need to keep up with a nice and cozy theme, it will enable you to create a welcoming environment for your customers and guests.

Apart from our excellent track record, our company is known for its competent lighting installation services and quality. Lighting is a critical element in highlighting the lovely décor of any space or premises that need to be well taken care of. Every on-site job is governed by our senior contractors who pay attention to the smallest details and ensure there is nothing wrong with your establishment’s lighting and power point fixtures.

We genuinely care about your business, which is why from choosing the right lighting products to a hassle-free installation, we will complete everything as per the schedule. If you have an amazing idea related to lighting installations, our contractors will bring your vision to life and make it happen.

Our team specialises in difficult lighting installation and lighting upgrades. We will make sure your commercial space is well-optimised and safe. We collaborate with designers and electricians to create an enriching and practical lighting designs and installation services with minimal expenses.


Do you want to install new LED lights in your office? We bring a variety of eco-friendly LED lighting products to our customers. Choose the best one for your outdoor and indoor commercial lighting needs and we will help you install them.

Benefit from our team’s excellent product knowledge and expertise.

Contact installation experts today and we will upgrade your existing power points and lighting.

Find out more about our Kitchen Canopy & Commercial Electrical Contracting Services, You can do to help your space be better by giving us a call today! You can give us a call at 0411 444 682 and set up an appointment. We look forward to hearing from you to help service your kitchen.


VSDs Installation

Effective VSD installation services for energy-efficient kitchens Restaurants, cafes, and hotels with commercial kitchens have ventilation and extraction systems with multiple motor-run electrical pieces of equipment like huge industrial-grade exhaust fans. Variable Speed Drives (VSDs) are being utilised to optimise the functioning of the fans at lower speeds that will help reduce the energy consumption without compromising on the task at hand.

At Deluxe Maintenace Services, our top-grade electrical contracting services for commercial kitchens include installing variable speed drives (VSDs), which are an environmentally conscious choice, as well as a good business decision. As the VSDs run at lower speeds achieving similar capacities of extraction volumes, you get to save on energy consumption and reduce the carbon footprint of your business.

VSDs can be incorporated into existing ventilation and extraction systems to start saving money and the planet without you having to wait to incorporate them when you go in for a complete canopy and exhaust fans replacement.

Our electrical contractors are skilled, experienced and licensed to provide high-quality professional variable speed drives (VSDs) installations and will suitably guide you towards other upgrades to make your business consume less energy and make it environmentally friendly. Connect with us today to get VSDs installed at affordable prices.

Frequently Asked Questions

The cost of installing a powerpoint depends on factors like:
  •  Installing a single powerpoint or a double one
  • How complicated the job is
  • Location where the powerpoint will installed (external or internal)
  • Materials required for the job
  • Accessibility of the location
Some may have a flat fee for this. In case it takes more time, increments may be charged. However, it all depends on the service provider.
If there is no power at powerpoints but lights are one, it may happen that the powerpoint circuit has tripped. Lights work on a different circuit than powerpoints. In such a situation, you will have to call a licensed electrician to check the switchboard. He will check the trip switches for each circuit and identify the issue.
If lights are continuously flickering, you need call a licensed electrician to know if you need a replacement or a new installation. This can be caused by issues like:
  • The light plug may be loose
  • The switch may have a fault
  • Blub may be faulty
  • Voltage dropping
If the issues are bigger than this like sensory overload or loose wiring, it may be dangerous.
If light bulbs keep blowing out, find out if they are past their life expectancy hours. If not, these may be some possible reasons:
  • Overheating due to a wrong bulb in an enclosed fixture
  • Electric supply voltage too high
  • Incorrectly installed fixture
  • Too many vibrations if the bulb is under the staircase
  • Wirings are loose or old
  • Too-tightly screwed bulbs
Hiring electrician is a wise decision to check on this.
This issue happens when the safety switches trips. Resetting the safety switch will restore power in the powerpoints. However, if it trips again, remove all devices and appliances which are attached to the powerpoints. Call a licensed electrician who will look into the matter. Deluxe Maintenance Services has dedicated electricians who does the job meticulously.
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