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Every commercial business needs the power to run. If your energy source is managed well, it will improve your team’s productivity and efficiency. When you hire commercial electrical contractors, they will know how to deal with all your energy concerns smartly.

Deluxe Maintenance Services offers electrical installation, repairs and maintenance services to clients according to their commercial project requirements. Delegate the important tasks and the responsibility to our contractors and they will detect and rectify the electrical problems on your premises.

We follow a professional approach to deal with both major and minor electrical issues. This allows our team to come up with customised solutions and implement them with an efficient approach. We are dedicated to delivering truly unique and innovative energy management solutions that not only meet but exceed our client’s commercial lighting needs.

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We have a team of commercial electrical contractors who will show up at your doorstep on time and deliver cost-effective solutions based on your budget, timeline, requirements and existing condition of your premises.

Together our staff provides an unmatched experience and compatible solutions for residential, commercial projects. Through our services, we aim to help our clients keep running their business with no disruptions or technical issues. We are known for our exceptional customer service which enables us to complete the programming and installation processes on time.

Book the service online and our commercial electrical contractors will visit your location for an initial inspection. We specialise in systemised electrical maintenance services on a regular and monthly basis.

We understand that dealing with the installation of electronic equipment can be tricky. For a seamless and accurate configuration of the devices, you need to hire our experienced electrical contractors. Whether it is an electrical outage or you need a safe installation of new electrical equipment in your warehouse or restaurant, we have got you covered.

For years, our qualified electricians at Deluxe Maintenance Services have served hundreds of clients and their commercial properties. With our power point and lighting installation services, we tend to improve the functionality of any space according to its energy demands. All the new fittings and lighting equipment are double-checked by our supervisors to ensure they are working smoothly.

Power overloading can pose a threat to the safety and well-being of your employees and visitors. Ensure that you have a safe working environment with an undisrupted power supply by hiring our electrical contractor in Melbourne. They offer one on one professional advice and suggestions and come fully equipped.

We have completed numerous projects and we have a track record of satisfied clients to prove that. Offering good customer support services enables us to maintain long term relationships with their clients.

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Deluxe Maintenance Services are registered electrical contractors specialising in commercial kitchen electrical maintenance and installation.

Often, your kitchen equipment is the most important asset your business has, so ensuring its safety and professional installation is essential. The insurance would not be valid if the work is carried out by a non-licensed personnel.

Deluxe Maintenance Services offer regular electrical inspections to identify and rectify any problems that may present a risk. For existing establishments we will carry out exhaustive tests of the electrical systems including power circuits, lighting, wiring and loading, to eliminate electrical failures or fire hazards.

Testing and tagging of equipment can also be carried out to minimise electrical failure or harm to equipment operators who work in your premises.

Our electrical installation service covers everything in a modern commercial kitchen, from lighting and power upgrades to complete refits including fans, canopies, ovens, washers and any electrical equipment needed in the premises.

Each inspection and installation will be followed up with a report and a Certifciate of Electrical Safety (COES) as required by law.  Where necessary, we will make recommendations to ensure the safety of your premises, your assets, your staff and your customers.

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At Deluxe Maintenance Services, you can easily hire an electrical contractor in Melbourne who provides the best electrical contracting services and energy-saving solutions for your commercial establishment.

If you need commercial electrical contractors, call us on 0411 444 682 and we will send our technicians right away

Frequently Asked Questions

The per-hour charges of electric contractors vary from person to person or service providers. The main four factors based on which the charges are calculated are:
  • Location of the place
  • Level of complexity of the job
  • Repair/maintenance or a new job
  • Ease of access to work
Some contractors may have fixed charges on an hourly basis post which they increase depending on the service.
An electrician has training and holds the license to work on electrical systems that includes fire safety, maintenance, troubleshoot, material dealings, wiring, etc. An electrical contractor is a master electrician who takes charge of bigger projects or businesses and completes them. Electricians work under electrical contractors who undergo further training to become master electricians.
Electrical contractors work on two parts: With client
  • Understand the scope of the project
  • Identify the location
  • Chart out the needed plan
  • Schedules payment dates
  • Gives an estimated deadline
  • Clear talks on licenses and fees
  • Puts forward safety protocol
The project
  • Plan the project
  • Set benchmarks for success
  • Schedule resources
  • Keeps project on budget
  • Manage contracting staff and customers
An electrical contractor is an all-licensed electrician who is experienced and takes contracts for bigger electrical projects related to commercial or industrial sectors. They perform a wide variety of tasks starting from setting out contracts to repairing works. They work with heavy equipment, power tools, contracting staff, vendors, etc. An electrical contractor can be an individual business person or a company.
The Australian law states that you need to hire a qualified and licensed electrician always whenever you need to have an electrical job done for your business. This kind of job is dangerous and can lead to accidents putting lives at risk. The electrical contractors at Deluxe Maintenance Services are experts and you can rest assured that your job would be completed with utmost perfection.
After doing any new work or repair/modification, the electrician must test them and verify that the installations are working properly. An electrical certificate of compliance has to be issued that verifies that the work complies with the requirements of the Australian Standard AS/NZS 3000. If there are any faults, the electrician must rectify them.
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