Security Camera Installation Melbourne

CCTV installation in Melbourne can significantly improve the safety and security levels of residential and commercial properties. Having a compatible video monitoring system provides peace of mind to the building owners as they can easily access real-time footage streamlined directly to their electronic devices.

Deluxe Maintenance Services offers the best security camera and CCTV installation services to clients located in and around Melbourne. Our technicians are fully equipped to manage large scale business projects by using our advanced resources and technology-enriched solutions. Customers who want security camera installation in Melbourne can contact us and our licensed technicians will provide them with the ideal security system that caters to their security needs and budget.

After the security cameras are installed successfully, we provide technical support to our clients so that they can learn how to use the security system and become proficient users. If you have any complaints or issues, you can connect with us via phone or email. We are always looking forward to addressing the concerns of our clients and resolve them quickly.

CCTV Installation Melbourne

1. Expert Guidance

With plenty of experience in the security business, our experts draw upon their expertise and offer a wealth of knowledge to the clients when it comes to customised security solutions. From choosing a suitable product to CCTV installation in Melbourne, we go the extra mile to surpass the expectations of our clients.

2. Customised Security Solutions

Different establishments and facilities require different security solutions, we keep this fact in mind while developing solutions for our clients. Over the years, we have served across multiple industries, we listen to their needs and security concerns before we devise a tailored strategy for their premises.

3. Qualified Technicians

Deluxe Maintenance Services has a team of licensed security technicians, we specialise in providing robust and long-term monitoring security systems to cater for the specific needs of our clients. We use state-of-the-art technology to manufacture and supply trusted security solutions.

4. Competitive Pricing

Our experts put together tailored pricing plans and quotes to match the budget of our clients. We identify the key security issues related to your facility and then come up with suitable security products. Call us on 0411 444 682  or fill out the online form to receive an instant and accurate quote.

Why Choose Our Services?

Criminal activities such as burglary and thefts are inevitable. They can happen anytime and anywhere. As a business owner, you always need to stay prepared. A CCTV installation in Melbourne will allow you to keep an eye on your store, shop or building even when you are not physically present there.

Our company strives to be the best provider of security solutions in Melbourne. Our technicians are capable of handling specific request and supplying security systems across Melbourne.

If you’re looking for reliable security camera installation in Melbourne, then you can entrust our team to provide you with the ultimate security services for your home and business

Frequently Asked Questions

Technically, commercial CCTV cameras have an input for external mic which can record good quality audio even till six meters. However, recording audio is illegal in any business premises unless you are involved in every single conversation. There are rules for using recordings too. It is better to seek legal advice before taking any decision.
WIFI and Internet are not required unless you need remote access and monitoring, alert notifications on a device that is connected to the CCTV or backing up footage on the cloud. Else, a CCTV without WIFI can be used 24/7 for live monitoring. For footage storing, there should be enough memory on an SD card or NVR.
Any CCTV’s performance depends on the quantity, distribution and quality of the available light as it views the amount of light reflected from the object. However, CCTV cameras today can detect light that is outside the range of the human eye. This allows the camera to use white light or infra-red as required for surveillance at night.
A CCTV is a valuable investment when it comes to protecting your property. These systems help you monitor any activity happening on your business premises that is concerned with the safety of the people working or visiting the business space. CCTV cameras are your eyes when you are not present at your shop, office, factory or commercial space. Moreover, the footage stands as evidence against crimes that may occur.
In business places, installing CCTV systems adds value. Apart from capturing criminal activity, you can monitor employees, any thefts caused by them, evidence for workplace injuries or harassment, no requirement for security personnel, thus, saving money, etc. Due to remote access, you can monitor any unfavourable issue from your device.
An analog system records the images using a digital video recorder. This recorder converts the video to a digital format. The DVR is connected to a monitor for viewing. On the other hand, a digital system is faster and does not require this conversion process as the footage is recorded in digital format. These have three times more area coverage with high-quality images.